Types of Fencing

Our local contractors provide a complete range of fence products made from the highest quality. They have everything from pool fencing and screen enclosures to beautiful and elegant styles for dog fences, farm fencing, border fencing, and other private fencing forms. The following are only a handful of the various fence product types available.

Vinyl Fencing

Natural elements ethylene and chlorine are combined to create the synthetic compound vinyl. According to experts, vinyl has a strength-to-weight ratio of roughly five times that of wood.

They created our premium fence vinyl products. Our fence profiles are among the strongest in the market and come with a lifetime transferable guarantee. As a result, you will have a high-quality fence and, most essential, peace of mind. In addition, they developed a design that surpasses industry best practices to endure some of the fiercest storms and the sun’s destructive radiation.

You do not only get a fence; you acquire the very best, thanks to cutting-edge features such as a concealment device.

A protective outer layer designed to decrease oxidation drastically, deeper grooves to insert more picket in rail and a vinyl fence with the strength and beauty of old wood.

Wood Fencing

In our Davidson network is your wood fence provider of choice. Fence pickets have a minimum fifteen-year guarantee against white ants and rot damage. Our pillars and horizontal railings are guaranteed for life against pest damage and decay. Your wood fence is built to last. Wood fencing is inexpensive, provides seclusion, and has a lovely natural appearance that complements landscaping and other outdoor garden elements.

They created your wood fence using good-quality timber. Unless otherwise requested, our contractors install most of our wood fences with posts every eight feet rather than every four feet. Our requirements include the following:

  • 1×6 blockade
  • 2×4 railings
  • 4×6 hinging posts
  • 4×4 posts

The local contractors custom-build your wood fence. They concrete every post to prevent shifting.

Custom construction is more robust than pre-built panels. They create all the conventional wood fence styles and personalize them for customers with unique ideas about what would look best in their homes.

Aluminum Fencing

An aluminum fence is made mainly of aluminum. Because of its lightweight and resistance to rust, aluminum has become a popular choice for lighter, long-lasting fence and rail designs. Our experienced contractors has aluminum fence product lines to choose from. There are also other Fence partition and railing elevation variations available. Our products have a lifetime warranty, which means that as long as you possess the property, it is guaranteed to be defect-free.

Solar protection technology is used on all aluminum fence products to prevent fading and chalking. After construction, our metal fences are powder coated throughout. That binds the components with the fasteners and the powder coating, resulting in a more robust panel. Our exquisite decorative metal fences offer sleek patterns and clean lines that complement any outdoor environment.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing is one of the most popular types of metal fencing. It comprises poles, railings, connectors, and appropriate gear, forming a structure that supports a stretched and connected chain-link mesh. They are appropriate for both household and business use. This fence is also suitable for temporary Fencing and may limit access to an area for a set time.

Chain link fences safeguard your property from attackers. Our contractors exclusively construct robust, durable chain link fences that discourage criminals and trespassers. They always install it efficiently. Our chain link fence installers are experienced. Who are also registered and regulated, so they can handle any damages if they occur throughout the process?

Composite Fencing

Composite fence is built from a blend of plastic and genuine timber that is generally recycled. The wood provides a natural and authentic-looking fence, yet the plastic keeps excellent strength for a longer-lasting, more robust solution.

A composite fence is a perfect choice if you have an environmentally concerned attitude and wish to aid the ecosystem.

Composite fence panels are lightweight and readily slot together, resulting in a rapid and effective fencing setup. It lasts a long time, looks fantastic, and requires little upkeep. In addition, you won’t have to patch any holes in your fence since there will be no splitting or fracturing.

Pool Fencing

Choose one of our experts if you want a pool provider specializing in various fences. Our professionals will collaborate with you to design a stunning, safe, and long-lasting pool fence that will maintain your poolside and leisure area safe and secure for years.

They have a variety of pool fencing alternatives, so let our experts assist you in designing a fence that adds aesthetic appeal to your pool while protecting your house.

Your pool fence must prevent children from climbing and entering the pool without your knowledge. A self-closing and self-locking gate that opens outward from the collection will be included in your fence as per your demand.

They propose a pool fence with a clear view from your house or yard and a secure barrier. Protecting your pool is smart and lifesaving.